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About Crowfoot Nursery

Crowfoot Nursery is a small, family-owned and operated conifer nursery located in Sandy, Oregon. We offer a variety of conifers for sale, and are always happy to schedule an appointment for viewing and purchase!​

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About Our Conifers

At Crowfoot, it all begins with nature... usually in our own back yard. Most of our conifers are sourced from our own property, where our passion for collecting has been expanding our conifer family for over 18 years.


Almost every tree you purchase from Crowfoot has come into existence through our own hands. It starts by taking gentle cuttings from our mother trees, and either grafting or rooting them until they're adequately established to be moved to their own pot. From there, they'll be nurtured, re-potted, and cheered on as long as it takes—a year or two, sometimes longer—until we feel they've reached the prime moment for sale.


Many of the conifers available from Crowfoot are not found in most Garden Centers or nurseries.

About Paulie & Michael

Conifers weren't exactly top of mind for Paulie and Michael when they got married 37 years ago. Raising a family and gradually building a home on their property took most of their focus and energy. Eventually, as the kids got older, they started thinking more about landscape components than school lunch components. They knew they didn't want their property to look like everyone else's, but they weren't sure what that meant.


One day in early Spring their neighbors brought home a giant sequoia. One look at that beauty became the inspiration for their design. Which they quickly realized wasn't going to be cheap, given the size of their property.

So they did what any entrepreneurial couple would do... got a license to sell Alaskan cedars wholesale, so they could save a little money while landscaping their property. But when Paulie discovered she could expand her stock simply by doing cuttings... the more they grew, the more they could sell... finally in 2004, they licensed their business under Crowfoot Nursery.

Why Crowfoot? Over the years, crows seemed to always be nearby... watching over them, calling out to them, dropping feather gifts down to their children as they flew over (all of which Michael collected over the years)... it seemed only natural to name their nursery after the winged "brothers and sisters" with whom they shared their land.

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Our Nursery

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