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Shipping Details

Shipping Costs

Shipping your conifer order for safe arrival entails two costs:


  • A modest packaging fee based on the size of your order, typically between $10 to $25 per box.

  • The actual cost of shipping, which will be whatever UPS or USPS charges us to get your box to you (we do not mark up these costs).

Receiving Responsibilities

Upon receipt of your shipment, we ask that you...

  • Remove the tree(s) from their shipping box(es) and packaging.

  • Make sure the soil in each pot is still moist; if it feels dry, add water.

  • Move tree(s) to an area completely away from the sun, and protected from excessive heat or freezing temperatures.

  • Check on your new trees every few days to ensure they're adjusting to their new location.

  • Contact us if you have any questions about where and how to plant your tree(s) in their final location.

Addressing Problems During Shipping

We do everything in our power to ensure your plants arrive alive, healthy, and ready for their new environment—from careful packaging and shipment timing, to insuring each shipment for the value of your order.


Should your conifer show signs of damage incurred during shipment, including exposure to extreme heat or freezing temperatures, we ask that you reach out to the shipper (USPS or UPS) to address the situation. We are happy to provide any additional documentation you may need to assist the process.

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